Thursday, 1 October 2009


These are images from a book I made for a project called 'The Rule Book'. We were asked to think of a set of rules/instructions and apply conceptual thinking to them to relate them to something else. I chose the instructions on 'How to avoid a rattlesnake attack' and applied these instructions with images to correspond with 'How to avoid an attack from your tutor'. I wasn't sure how to lay the pages out on here but the instruction pages on the left are to go with the image above right (eg. instruction 1 goes with the image above on the right in this case it is the tutor's close up shot), hope that makes sense?

also it would be nice if i'd have saved the 4th image as RGB instead of CMYK. =[ (this is why the colour looks dodgy.)
i have NO idea how to put the right one in its place without having to upload them all again in the right order, sounds easy..believe me its not! ha.

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  1. That curly haired guy you keep using seems so talented! Ahhh you're illustrations are actually quite good here...they look right like Ted!