Tuesday, 29 September 2009

trellick towers been calling.

moodboard for architect Ernรถ Goldfinger...

homepage feedback.

Today i presented my 'homepage ideas' to the group, which was a great opportunity to receive feedback which lead to my biggest fear FINAL DECISIONS! ha, so that really helped! My favourite idea was the one at the bottom & i was hoping that my group would choose it also. Initially there were mixed decisions but eventually most people settled on the last one, so i'm happyyy. I was given points to consider however...font, colour, crop sky? which i shall look at when working up the final design. I now need to think about each page on my website & start wireframing, considering layout & colour etc.

perspex & post-its.

Monday, 28 September 2009

homepage ideas.

homepage ideas for my website...

the most tattoos on a human body.

screen prints on different backgrounds

tea flowchart.

in case you didn't know...

typography - specimen typesheets.

This was the final part of my typography project. For this we were asked to design four specimen typesheets for the four typefaces, Baskerville, Plantin, Univers & Walbaum.

typography - poster designs.

For this area of the typography project we were given some lyrics from the Spice Girls' song 'Wannabe'. We were then asked to design some typographical posters featuring all of the lyrics provided, using only the typefaces Baskerville, Plantin, Univers & Walbaum.

typography - letterforms.

This was the second weeks breif. Here I was looking at the letterform of four fonts, Baskerville, Plantin, Univers & Walbaum. The final image is looking at how to communicate different words through type.

typography - layout & tone.

This was the first weeks brief from my first year typography project.
We were looking at space, layout, tone and how different fonts, font weights and colour could make a difference to a design.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

i used to buzz off lava lamps.

feeling a bit under pressure to start adding some work now...ha.
lack of internet is making the whole process a bit of an effort though!
by the end of this week i'll have mastered this badboy!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

losing my blog virginity...

Welcome to my first blog! =]
About ten minutes ago i had my first interactive media lesson with Tom & Mike!
We were given a few briefs, the first being to create a flow chart on how to make a cup of tea. It can be illustrative, designed on photoshop or illustrator, basically any way you want! I think I'm going to design mine on photoshop but I haven't decided yet. Secondly we need to gather some of our work together in order to eventually create an online portfolio. Finally, during the next six weeks we are working towards creating our own webpage, which will showcase some of our work in order for potential employers to view our work before even meeting us. Over the next two weeks I am going to gather together ideas for my webpage; such as colour and layout. I am quite apprehensive at the moment but I'm sure as time goes by it will become clearer and after learning how to use specific programs such as dreamweaver I'll be able to create a good webpage I can be proud of! =]
bye for nowww!