Wednesday, 7 October 2009

homepage inspiration.

I thought I'd add some links to some webpages I found inspirational when designing my homepage.

i absolutely LOVE this website.
I wish i had the skills to make mine just like this!
One of my initial ideas was a 'turning' book idea but I think in the six week time we had given it was abit of an adventurous idea! I love the textures & the old style of the book.

This website was my main inspiration when designing my homepage.

I love how the photograph takes up the whole screen with the text on top of it. I decided to try this with mine & I really liked the outcome (see final homepage idea)

I love the page texture on this webpage. The design is lovely too.

Finally, I really like this webpage & the contemporary feel it had to it. However, even though I like it I don't feel its very 'me', thought I'd put it up anyway!

Each word is highlighted in blue when you scroll over it.

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